"Darkness will always exist. It's up to the lights to survive and endure in this universe. That's what makes it precious."
  • Question #1:Do you try to stay away from walkthroughs?
Answer: I try too, yes, but I can’t say that I succeed in avoiding them. I mostly only check them if I get to a point where I’m just not having fun playing anymore.
  • Question #3:Best game you’ve ever played?
Answer: It’s a tie between Portal and Portal 2. I love both of those games to death and have beat them both at least 6 or 7 times each. The puzzles made me play this games but the story made me love them.


  • Question #6:A game that’s changed you the most?

Answer: Hands down, the award goes to Bioshock Infinite. It’s such a beautiful game that I enjoyed playing from start to finish. It’s Plot, Design, Gameplay, Characters, and eye for detail made me fall absolutely in love with this game and even more so it made me view the world around me very different and how just one little decision you make can change your life forever.


  • Question #11:Hardest game you’ve played?

Answer: Oh my god, The Impossible Quiz. This game is most likely one of the first games I played online on a PC and has been frustrating me to this day. Just yesterday I tried to play and as always I make it to around questions 90-100 and then screw up causing me to quit.


  • Question #20:What was the first video game you ever played?

Answer: From what I have been told it was Tarzan for the PlayStation 1. I remember playing that game non-stop. Thinking about it now, I’d like to play it again someday.